Presidential Transition Plan: Trees and Forests are America’s Natural Capital

Trees and forests built America and are essential for the nation’s growth and success. State forestry agencies are poised to support the new presidential administration. The National Association of State Foresters (NASF) is pleased to provide the Donald Trump Administration and Congress with recommendations for capitalizing on the benefits of trees and forests. 

Aerial Survey Identifies More Than 100 Million Dead Trees in California Alone

The USDA Forest Service recently identified an additional 36 million dead trees across California since its last aerial survey in May 2016. This brings the total number of dead trees since 2010 to over 102 million on 7.7 million acres of California’s drought stricken forests.

In 2016 alone, 62 million trees have died, representing more than a 100 percent increase in dead trees across the state from 2015. Millions of additional trees are weakened and expected to die in the coming months and years.

Oregon sends help to wildfire-ravaged Southeast

In response to heavy drought conditions in the Southeast region of the country, the Oregon Department of Forestry announced Thursday that an ODF Incident Management Team will be deployed Monday to the Party Rock Fire in North Carolina.

Since Nov. 5, ODF has deployed 20 of its personnel to Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee to assist with wildfire response.

Mississippi Burn Bans Remain as Hunting Season Begins

During deer hunting season in most parts of Mississippi, people will be out in the woods more frequently and looking for ways to keep warm. The Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) would like to remind hunters that they should not use a wood-burning campfire, bonfire, fire pit, fire ring, burn barrel - anything with an open flame that produces an ember. A dry, windy, cold front is forecasted to move through the area this weekend. The wind will make wildfire spread more quickly than usual, increasing the risk of devastating wildfire occurrences.

Dry Autumn Brings Wildfires to Southeast

Most areas in the southeast United States have not received any significant rain in dozens of days. It has been more than 70 days for some locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina. This has resulted in many wildfires breaking out in recent weeks.

Currently there are 38 active fires in the Southern Geographic area that have each burned more than 100 acres, prompting the Southern Area Coordination Center to raise the preparedness level as high as it will go, to Level 5, something that does not happen very often.

Smokey Bear Guidelines

The Smokey Bear Guidelines were created by the Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention Program committee. This report provides tools and resources for accomplishing wildfire prevention activities and outlines administrative requirements of the Smokey Bear Program.