New Report on the Health of Colorado's Forests

A new report on the health of Colorado’s forests, released this week, shows that the number of dead standing trees in Colorado forests is an estimated 834 million trees—or nearly one in every 14 standing trees.

Michael Lester, Colorado State Forester and chair of the Council of Western State Foresters, opens this report with an illustrative letter on wildfire and water in the forest and their impacts on ecology and infrastructure. The paper includes detailed updates on wildfire, insects and disease, and water supplies within the state. 

Partnership Announces 2017 Wildfire Mitigation Awardees

Individuals, Organizations Honored for Exemplary Commitment to Community Wildland Fire Protection

WASHINGTON—The Wildfire Mitigation Awards committee has announced the 2017 Wildfire Mitigation Award winners. Established in 2014, the awards are the highest commendation for innovation and leadership displayed by individuals and organizations committed to wildfire mitigation.