Urban and Community Forestry

Indianapolis Aims to Plant 10,000 More Trees

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, Indy Parks, the Department of Public Works (DPW) and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) recently announced the beginning of a long-term partnership that will forever change the landscape of dozens of Indianapolis neighborhoods.

Ten Thousand Trees is an initiative to plant 10,000 trees in support of the city’s consent decree, an agreement with the US EPA to make our waterways cleaner by the year 2025. 

Tree Saving Program in Claremont, California is Recognized

More than a year ago residents and preservationists declared the city was in a tree crisis.

They called on the city to take action and help save some 1,600 trees that were stressed due to the drought.

Claremont immediately reacted, pumping slightly more than $250,000 into a plan to save those trees. As a result, the city lost less than one percent of its drought-stricken trees.

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Download the new My Tree—Our Forest® fact sheet

Urban and community forests provide essential benefits we cannot live without. My Tree—Our Forest®, NASF's urban and community forestry campaign, aims to increase public understanding about the benefits that healthy forests offer to communities across the United States and the role that state forestry agencies play in protecting the nation’s urban trees. 

My Tree—Our Forest Downloadable Flyer

Trees and forests are vital green infrastructure in communities throughout the United States—America's natural capital. Healthy urban canopies do not happen by chance and require investments of dollars, time and expertise. The My Tree—Our Forest® downloadable flyer can help communities and state agencies educate residents about the importance of healthy urban and community trees.

Arbor Day Foundation Reforestation Request for Proposals

Since 2008, the Arbor Day Foundation has worked directly with the National Association of State Foresters to identify and support reforestation projects throughout the United States.  Through our partnership, and with support from Arbor Day Foundation members and advocates, we can provide funding for seedlings on large-scale restoration projects.  Since the beginning of this reforestation partnership, we have worked together to fund and plant more than 21 million trees.