Coalition supports 'hardwood checkoff' product promotion campaign

The Forest Resources Association reports that a coalition of hardwood interests, ranging from primary producers to furniture manufacturers, is drumming up support for a possible "hardwood checkoff" product promotion program, overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, similar to the recently enacted North American Softwood Lumber check-off program approved this spring.

Forest Service to form federal advisory committee for Planning Rule

The U.S. Forest Service has announced that it will form a Federal Advisory Committee that will provide advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture on the implementation of the new Planning Rule set for finalization this winter. In the coming months the Forest Service will announce its request for committee member nominations in the Federal Register.

New effort to educate Pennsylvania women forest owners

An idea for a network of Pennsylvania female forest owners that got started at a landowners meeting has grown into the Women and Their Woods program. It helps women landowners learn practical skills to help make future decisions about their land. "A 2005 study suggests that future women forest owners are more interested in keeping forests intact and value legacy more than their male counterparts.

Federal raid targets guitars made from endangered trees

The Justice Department raided the Memphis and Nashville offices of the Gibson guitar manufacturing company this week, seizing several pallets of wood, electronic files and guitars as part of a crackdown on illegally harvested hardwoods from protected forests. Gibson claims the seized wood  is from a Forest Stewardship Council certified supplier.