FIA symposium planned for October in Baltimore, MD

October 2012 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Report of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA). This report expanded the focus of the national forest inventory in the United States to include monitoring of the forest resource trends on a more frequent time interval. In recognition of this milestone, the theme of the 2012 FIA Science Symposium is "Moving from Status to Trends." For more information about the symposium and the call for papers, visit

Southern state foresters release forest certification report

The Southern Group of State Foresters (SGSF) has released a new report about forest certification in the South. Forest Certification Programs: Status and Recommendations in the South provides detailed information regarding forest certification, a comparison of the major certification systems and recommended strategies for southern state forestry agencies to consider as the issue develops.


SFI launches continuing education unit for architects and builders

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) has partnered with McGraw Hill to launch a continuing education unit for architects and builders to promote the benefits of using certified wood in green building projects. "Certified Wood Branches Out: Forest Certification's Evolving Role in Green Building Rating Systems" reinforces the growing acceptance of all certification standards by the green building community and government agencies.

Forest Resource Coordinating Committee to hold first meeting

The Forest Resource Coordinating Committee (FRCC), a federal advisory committee established under the 2008 Farm Bill, will hold their first meeting on January 20 in Washington, DC. The committee will advise the Secretary of Agriculture on priorities and issues related to non-industrial private forestry. Applications for eight vacant positions will be accepted through March 2.

Sustaining young forest communities

The recent publication "Sustaining Young Forest Communities: Ecology and Management of Early Successional Habitats in the Central Hardwood Region" from the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station provides an in-depth look by ecologists, conservationists, and land managers, the book defines early successional habitats and explains why the plants and animals associated with these habitats may be declining.