New effort to educate Pennsylvania women forest owners

An idea for a network of Pennsylvania female forest owners that got started at a landowners meeting has grown into the Women and Their Woods program. It helps women landowners learn practical skills to help make future decisions about their land. "A 2005 study suggests that future women forest owners are more interested in keeping forests intact and value legacy more than their male counterparts.

Scientists seek to document later fall colors

As trees start showing autumn’s golden, orange and red hues, scientists are watching trees and making note of when leaves change and drop as they seek to determine climate change’s impact.

Federal raid targets guitars made from endangered trees

The Justice Department raided the Memphis and Nashville offices of the Gibson guitar manufacturing company this week, seizing several pallets of wood, electronic files and guitars as part of a crackdown on illegally harvested hardwoods from protected forests. Gibson claims the seized wood  is from a Forest Stewardship Council certified supplier.

Wisconsin officials start work on timber clearing plan

Wisconsin state forestry officials are moving ahead with a multi-front plan to salvage hundreds of thousands of downed trees across far northwestern Wisconsin that were toppled after severe storms in July. The storms left about 2 million cords of wood on the ground, equivalent to a year's worth of logging.

Sustainable forest use better for reducing deforestation

Rigid conservation measures may be less effective in slowing tropical deforestation than ones that allow the sustainable harvest of forest products, a new study by the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) suggests. The paper, published in the journal PLoS ONE, concluded that indigenous involvement, specifically in Latin America, could lower deforestation by up to 16 percent in sustainably managed forests.


Defending working forest conservation easements

"Far from turning private lands into publicly owned parks or wilderness, working forest conservation easements can be a valuable tool for keeping private timber lands on the local and state tax rolls as providers of wood products, jobs and recreation including hunting and fishing." July 26 letter to the editor, Redding Record Searchlight

Forest Service to renegotiate Rocky Mountain timber contracts

The U.S. Forest Service is offering to renegotiate timber sale contracts in an effort to save sawmills in the Rocky Mountain region that have been hit hard by bark beetle infestations, the recession and financially unviable agreements. Acting regional forester Jerome Thomas said that sawmills are needed more than ever to help cope with a bark beetle infestation that has ravaged an estimated 41 million acres in the West. The offer will help sawmills in Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska.

New Project Learning Tree curriculum for high school students

A new high school curriculum from Project Learning Tree, the environmental education program of the American Forest Foundation, teaches students about forest health, fresh water supply, climate change, who owns America’s forests, and more. Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Forests features hands-on classroom lessons and field investigations to help students develop an understanding and appreciation for stewardship and informed decision-making on issues that affect forests.

Foresters from around world studying Montana timber management

Montana State Forester Bob Harrington explained to a gathering of timber managers from Peru, Indonesia, Liberia, Great Britain, Mexico, Brazil and Papua New Guinea this week how MT's "best management practices" guide state and private forest users in things like stream protection, harvest schedules, cleanup ethics and community relations. Harrington said voluntary compliance rose from 60 percent in the 1990s to nearly 90 percent today.