Alaska researchers study the science of fire

Fire managers, forestry scientists and firefighter crews teamed near Fairbanks, AK, this week for the first leg of a project aimed at deciphering more about how fire behaves in Alaska’s boreal forests. The project’s conclusions will help managers recommend and follow policies aimed at guarding wildland from human activity and guarding cities and populated neighborhoods from wildfires.

Alabama tree losses estimated in millions of dollars

Alabama State Forester Linda Casey says the tornadoes that struck Alabama late last month destroyed tens of thousands of acres of trees worth millions of dollars. The Alabama Forestry Commission will work with federal agencies to secure disaster aid for landowners with forest land destroyed by the tornadoes. Casey also hopes to find money to help replant trees in urban areas.

Alabama developing forest action "work" plan with interagency task force

State Forester Linda Casey appointed representatives from 7 state and federal organizations to a Task Force to oversee the implementation of Alabama's Forest Action Plan, Forest at the Crossroads. The group is putting the final touches on an FY12 work plan to carry out priority strategies that will focus on the top three threats to Alabama's forest resource (urban development, forest fragmentation and parcelization, and invasive species).