Alabama tree losses estimated in millions of dollars

Alabama State Forester Linda Casey says the tornadoes that struck Alabama late last month destroyed tens of thousands of acres of trees worth millions of dollars. The Alabama Forestry Commission will work with federal agencies to secure disaster aid for landowners with forest land destroyed by the tornadoes. Casey also hopes to find money to help replant trees in urban areas.

Alabama timber industry facing tough times

Two experts fear a host of factors have devastating potential for Alabama's forest landscape — the reason why they are stepping up efforts to warn timberland owners about this potential calamity and to advise them about the steps they should take to avoid it. Among the main factors: sagging demand for forest products following the 2008 market crash.

Alabama sees increase in theft of timber

In 2008, the Alabama Forestry Commission received reports of more than $500,000 in timber theft. This year, the amount of theft surpassed the half-million dollar mark in October and continues to climb.

Alabama report finds state forest lands decreasing

Between 2000 and 2008, Alabama's forest decreased approximately 225,000 acres, a loss that may be a tipping point as urban growth and development outpaces the reversion of agricultural land to forest, according "Forests at the Crossroads" (PDF), the State Asessment and Strategy from the Alabama Forestry Commission.

Alabama Forestry Commission offers tornado recovery resources

The recent storms that devastated communities across the South havealso wiped out many landowners’ timber investments. The Alabama Forestry Commission is offering advice to help landowners cope with the loss and recovery of storm damage.

Alabama developing forest action "work" plan with interagency task force

State Forester Linda Casey appointed representatives from 7 state and federal organizations to a Task Force to oversee the implementation of Alabama's Forest Action Plan, Forest at the Crossroads. The group is putting the final touches on an FY12 work plan to carry out priority strategies that will focus on the top three threats to Alabama's forest resource (urban development, forest fragmentation and parcelization, and invasive species).

Alabama budget shortfall may threaten wildfire protection and other services

According to a recent press release, the Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) is facing a budget shortfall of more than $5 million for fiscal year 2011. In light of this projection, State Forester Linda Casey said the agency is reviewing its entire structure. The AFC will be forced to reduce staffing by nearly one-third, affecting all services provided by the agency, including wildfire protection.

Alabama attempting to thwart timber thieves with new regulations

The Alabama Forestry Commission is considering strengthening timber theft regulations but is facing opposition from the Alabama Forestry Association on the proposed changes. Listen to a recent Marketplace radio story with State Forester Linda Casey on the issue.

Agroforestry success in Missouri

The practice of combining farming and trees, known as agroforestry, has caught the attention of more farmers in recent years. And Missouri, with its ample forests and one of the country's premier agroforestry research centers, is leading the way into the woods.

Agroforestry highlighted at UNFF9 and IYOF launch

Marking the launch of the International Year of Forest by the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF9) in New York on 29 January, Dennis Garrity, the Director General of the World Agroforestry Centre, highlighted the importance of mixing trees with agriculture, the practice known as agroforestry.