Roundtable on Sustainable Forests webinar and national meeting

The Roundtable on Sustainable Forests (RSF) is sponsoring a webinar on May 31 in advance of the June 29 national meeting focused on the question,"Are the nation's forests sustainable" as measured by the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators. The United States 2010 report that has been in the review process for many months will be discussed at both events.

Ninth Circuit decision means more permiting requirements for forest roads

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit's has decided to deny rehearing en banc in the case of NEDC v. Brown regarding requirements on stormwater control systems for forest roads.  The decision means that forest landowners will have to obtain National Pollution Discharge Elimination (NPDES) permits for some or all of their roads. For more information, visit the National Alliance of Forest Owners at

The future of southern forests: 2010 to 2060

The USDA Forest Service and the Southern Group of State Foresters released the first phase of the Southern Forest Futures Project report this week, which identifies areas forest managers will focus on to maintain southern forests in the coming years. According to the report, urbanization, bioenergy use, weather patterns, land ownership changes and invasive species will significantly alter the South's forests between the years 2010 and 2060.

Alabama tree losses estimated in millions of dollars

Alabama State Forester Linda Casey says the tornadoes that struck Alabama late last month destroyed tens of thousands of acres of trees worth millions of dollars. The Alabama Forestry Commission will work with federal agencies to secure disaster aid for landowners with forest land destroyed by the tornadoes. Casey also hopes to find money to help replant trees in urban areas.

Indonesia, EU agree to end trade of illegal timber

The European Union has signed an agreement with Indonesia aimed at curbing the flow of illegally harvested timber from Indonesia 's rainforests. The country is the world's third-largest tropical forest nation and the EU is a key market for its forest products, with an average value of timber and paper exports of $1.2 billion a year.

Oregon state forester says cuts would be 'catastrophic'

Twenty-three of the state's 30 stewardship foresters will be lost if the Oregon Department of Forestry takes a 7.5 percent general fund budget cut, Oregon State Forester Doug Decker said in a legislative budget hearing, April 28. If lawmakers slash another 17.5 percent, the department will struggle to meet its statutory requirement to protect forests from wildfires, Decker said.

Maryland geocaching leads to big trees for Year of Forests

The Maryland Forest Service is using the popular hobby of geocaching to promote awareness of the state's forests during the International Year of Forests. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that uses GPS technology to find hidden items. The Big Tree Geocache leads participants to some of Maryland's biggest trees.

Alabama Forestry Commission offers tornado recovery resources

The recent storms that devastated communities across the South havealso wiped out many landowners’ timber investments. The Alabama Forestry Commission is offering advice to help landowners cope with the loss and recovery of storm damage.

Dual regulation of pesticide applications would burden local entities

NASF and several partners recently urged Senate leaders to avoid duplicative permitting requirements for public health and agricultural applications of pesticides. Entities affected by the new pesitcide general permit will include counties, municipalities, school districts, public utilities, parks, forestry, and farmers.