Arbor Day Foundation to assist tornado-battered Alabama

In the wake of the devastating tornadoes that battered Tuscaloosa and communities throughout north Alabama, the Arbor Day Foundation, in collaboration with the Alabama Forestry Commission, launched a new campaign to bring trees to families throughout the area. Through the Alabama Tree Recovery Campaign, the Arbor Day Foundation will deliver native trees selected to thrive in the area at the best time for planting.

Appeals court upholds roadless rule in forests

A federal appeals court today upheld a rule prohibiting roads on nearly 50 million acres of land in national forests across the United States, a ruling hailed by environmentalists as one of the most significant in decades. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals backed the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule law after lawyers for the state of Wyoming and the Colorado Mining Association contended it was a violation of the law.

ANSI A300 national tree care standards up for review

The public review period for revisions of the ANSI A300 national tree care standards is now open. Submit comments for ANSI A300 Part 6- "Planting and Transplanting of Trees and Shrubs" before February 5; for ANSI A300 Part 7- "Integrated Vegetation Management" before February 20. A300 documents provide standard definitions and tree care management standards for all aspects of tree health management.

Another 50,000 trees in the ground through NASF-Arbor Day partnership

Efforts to replenish the forested area neighboring Chadron State College in Nebraksa have received a major boost from the reforestation partnership between NASF and the Arbor Day Foundation. The partnership aims to fund 3 million trees for reforestation efforts in 11 states this year. A $50,000 grant from the Foundation will fund 50,000 conservation grade seedlings to be planted in an area that was scorched by a 2006 wildfire.


Alaska researchers study the science of fire

Fire managers, forestry scientists and firefighter crews teamed near Fairbanks, AK, this week for the first leg of a project aimed at deciphering more about how fire behaves in Alaska’s boreal forests. The project’s conclusions will help managers recommend and follow policies aimed at guarding wildland from human activity and guarding cities and populated neighborhoods from wildfires.

Alabama tree losses estimated in millions of dollars

Alabama State Forester Linda Casey says the tornadoes that struck Alabama late last month destroyed tens of thousands of acres of trees worth millions of dollars. The Alabama Forestry Commission will work with federal agencies to secure disaster aid for landowners with forest land destroyed by the tornadoes. Casey also hopes to find money to help replant trees in urban areas.