Climate Change

Out with the new, in with the old: USDA supports innovations in wood building materials

Supporting President Obama’s Climate Action Plan goal of preserving the role of forests in mitigating climate change, the economic value of sustainable forestry just went up with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s announcement of a new partnership to train architects, engineers and builders about the benefits of advanced wood building materials.  Innovative wood building has been on the rise, with

Why do cities continue to water trees in a drought?

While it may seem counter-intuitive to water trees during a drought, trees are often key to a sufficient local water supply.  Los Angeles-based nonprofit Tree People has issued a call for residents to take care of urban and community trees despite three consecutive years of below-normal rainfall, which has contributed to California’s most severe drought emergency in decades. 

The Amazon releasing carbon into the atmosphere?

Recent studies show that drought in the Amazon increases the release of carbon into the atmosphere.  The Amazon’s role as a major carbon sink (representing half of the entire planet’s tropical rainforests) is well-known, but climate-induced conditions are changing these perceptions.  Drought plays a significant role in carbon release/retention: during a 2010 drought, the rainfo