Biomass and Renewable Energy

Waste wood to coal-like biofuel technology developed

A Tennessee based clean energy technology company is commercializing its patented and proprietary technology, which molecularly alters renewable biomass feedstock, such as wood wastes into EnvirAnized Biofuel (EBF). According to the company the EBF is a product which looks, stores, transports, pulverizes and burns like coal, while avoiding the pollution associated with burning coal.

First ever National Bioenergy Day to take place in October

The Biomass Power Association is planning the first ever National Bioenergy Day for October 17, 2013. National Bioenergy Day will be an opportunity for people to visit their local facilities and witness the process of how wood and other organic materials generate energy.

Participating facilities will demonstrate to visitors how bioenergy works and explain its local economic and environmental benefits.