Biomass and Renewable Energy

Forest Products Society to hold conference in DC - June 3-5, 2012

An impressive lineup of world-class experts and leaders has been assembled for Forest Products: Solutions for a Global Green Economy, an international convention held by the Forest Products Society on June 3-5, 2012 in Washington, DC. The technical program has 160 presentations covering topics that include greenbuilding, biomass conversion, nanotechnology, bioenergy feedstock, tropical hardwoods and many more. Learn more and register on the Forest Products Society's conference website.

Forest Certification

State Foresters have long been advocates of policies encouraging the use of domestic wood products for green building – from both economic and environmental perspectives. State foresters have a unique public trust responsibility for America’s forests, and we have been active leaders in the growth and evolution of third-party forest certification as an important tool that is making a positive contribution in our public and private forests.

Biomass and Renewable Energy

State Foresters view forests as a strategic national resource of vital importance to meeting the nation’s economic, environmental, and energy needs. Biomass from the nation’s public and private forests can and must be part of any solution to meeting the nation’s renewable energy goals, particularly in regions where solar, wind, and other renewable resources are less prevalent.