Biomass and Renewable Energy

USDA Forest Service calls for bioenergy products in wildfire country

The USDA Forest Service has requested proposals to substantially expand and accelerate wood energy and wood products markets throughout the United States to support forest management needs on National Forest System and other forest lands.

The grants and cooperative agreements awarded under this announcement will support the Agricultural Act of 2014, and the nationwide challenge of disposing of hazardous fuels and other wood residues from the National Forest System and other forest lands in a manner that supports wood energy and wood products markets.

Hawaii's Only Coal-Fired Power Plant Asked to Add Biomass to its Repertoire

AES Hawaii Power Plant, the only coal-fired plant in the state, has been asked to convert some of the energy being produced at the plant in to biomass from coal.

"Hawaiian Electric believes that AES could provide superior optionality for the Oahu power system to optimize between cost and Renewable Portfolio Standard should AES have the capability to operate on coal and biomass,” the utility said.

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New Video Documents Advancement of Wood Heating in Vermont

Today over one-third of all K-12 students in Vermont attend a wood heated school and Vermont is home to the greatest concentration of installed modern wood heating systems in North America.

The industry’s growth in Vermont is attributed to a high dependence on expensive heating oil, a wealth of forest resources, a culture of active forest management, supportive state policies, and on-going technical and support services from the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) and its partners.