Biomass and Renewable Energy

Opinion: Sustainable truth about biomass

Here in New Hampshire, we have a long history of sustainable forestry.

Our forests continue to produce abundant hardwood and softwood lumber, wood chips and firewood, and they support a large and thriving forestry industry.

According to the most recent forest inventory statistics, the Granite State’s forests are getting older and increasing in volume.

New Reports Reinforcing the Value of Sustainably Managed Private Working Forests

The National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO) today released two new reports confirming the ongoing relationship between strong markets for wood products and sustainable forestry in the U.S.


In a poll commissioned by the National Association of State Foresters (NASF) and released today in support of Arbor Day, voters across the country were found to strongly value forests as sources of clear air and water as well as providers of good-paying jobs and essential products.

Arizona Seeking Proposals for Wood-to-Energy Projects

Forests and woodlands across the state of Arizona are in need of market development opportunities to facilitate on-the-ground restoration activities. Arizona State Forestry and the USDA Forest Service are committed to advancing the installation of commercially viable wood energy systems in the public and private applications that use woody biomass generated from public lands and other land ownerships, in Arizona.

Wood Supply Research Institute Requests Suggested Research Projects

Wood Supply Research Institute (WSRI) is seeking proposals for a WSRI funded Research Project. The project should be designed to have the potential to benefit the wood fiber supply chain and improve the efficiency and productivity of the fiber delivery process from the stump to the mill.

Alaska town switching from diesel heat to wood

Large-scale logging on the Yukon River started about a hundred years ago, when steamships burned a cord of wood per hour to power their engines. Village residents clear-cut wide swathes of forest along the river, but the logging tapered off when ships switched to diesel. These days, Alaskan villages like Galena are once again looking to the forest for an energy supply.

But this time around, a new generation of loggers is thinking more about sustainability in how – and why – they harvest trees from around their communities.

2015 NASF Annual Report

The 2015 NASF Annual report highlights the theme Adapting to Change, which is as relevant in the natural world as it is in the worlds of agencies and associations. Like forests, the policy, communications and partnership environments in which NASF operates are dynamic ecosystems. Issues and the people behind them are constantly changing.

U.S. Biobased Products Industry Contributes $369 Billion to the Economy

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced the release of a new report that shows the U.S. biobased industry is generating substantial economic activity and American jobs. He also announced changes under the 2014 Farm Bill that will create additional opportunities for growth in renewable plant-based materials, supporting the Obama Administration's efforts to develop a new, rural economy and promote creation of sustainable jobs.