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Senate ENR Holds Hearing on Wildfire Funding

By Greg Pilchak

On June 23rd, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a hearing to receive testimony on the recent discussion draft entitled “Wildfire Budgeting, Response and Forest Management Act of 2016.” The hearing on the bill focused on three main issues: 1) the need to end “fire borrowing”; 2) the growing portion of the USDA Forest Service’s (USFS) budget consumed by wildfire suppression funds; and 3) the need for forestry reforms to encourage more active management.

State Forester to Testify at Senate ENR Wildfire Budgeting Hearing

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing tomorrow about the Wildfire Budgeting, Response and Forest Management Act of 2016 discussion draft. California State Forester Ken Pimlott will testify on behalf of NASF; check back on the NASF blog tomorrow for the full testimony.

Spotlight on Savannah: Get to Know the Neighborhood

By Jessica Hernandez

Would you like to spend the last few days of summer under the canopy of Savannah's grand oak trees? Then register to join State Foresters for the NASF annual meeting September 19-22.

Earlier this month we wrote about the history and layout of the city. This week we're focused on the multitude of activities available to visitors of this spectacular southern city.

Smokey Bear Website Overhauled: New Fire Prevention Tips and Infographics

Together with its partners in fire prevention, NASF is pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved Go ahead - click on over and check it out!

Spotlight on Savannah: The Forest City

By Jessica Hernandez

Last week we wrote about forestry throughout the state of Georgia.

This week are taking the time share some of the history, beauty, and charm of the beloved coastal city of Savannah! 

Alaska State Forester Testifies at Senate Field Hearing

By Greg Pilchak

On May 31st, Alaska State Forester Chris Maisch testified at the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Field Hearing in Kenai, Alaska. Maisch detailed the impacts of the 2015 fire season and offered recommendations for minimizing the negative impacts of wildfire on public safety and recreation, while at the same time recognizing the role that wildland fire plays in forest ecosystems.

Kevin Conran Receives Silver Smokey Bear Award

Last Thursday, Kevin Conran, Idaho Falls District Bureau of Land Management Fire Mitigation and Education Specialist, received the Silver Smokey Bear Award, recognizing his outstanding regional wildfire prevention service.

Spotlight on Savannah: Georgia Forest Facts

By Jessica Hernandez

Ever dreamed of visiting the enchanting city of Savannah, Georgia? Well now is your chance!

NASF’s 2016 annual meeting will be held in this historic city from September 19-22.

Senators Release Draft Bipartisan Legislation on Fire Funding

By Greg Pilchak

On Wednesday, May 25th, leaders on the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee released draft legislation whose goal is to improve wildfire budgeting and forest management. The bipartisan legislation is the culmination of recent Committee efforts to examine and find solutions to problems such as “fire borrowing,” the speed of environmental reviews, and fire suppression strategies.