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The National Association of State Foresters (NASF) Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in 1983 to promote and advance state and private forestry in the United States. The Foundation supports the following educational initiatives that foster leadership for current and future members of the state forestry community.

James Hubbard Internship for Policy and Communications

Since 1999, the NASF Foundation has supported on-the-job experience for graduate and undergraduate students through the NASF internship program. The internship gives emerging leaders in forestry the opportunity to engage at the national level in policy and communications activities that influence public understanding of state and private forestry in the United States.

Those selected for this rigorous position attend meetings with partner organizations to help strengthen forestry coalitions; report on congressional hearings that cover forestry and natural resources policy; support NASF's website and media outreach efforts, and more. The internship was renamed in 2016 in honor of James “Jim” Hubbard, former State Forester of Colorado and former Deputy Chief of State and Private Forestry with the USDA Forest Service.

Executive Fellowship - John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

The National Association of State Foresters Foundation, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry program, supports this fellowship for senior executives in state and local governments. The fellowship is a three-week intensive session focused on exercising leadership and uses a case study approach in designing solutions to real life problems. Participants gain expertise in strategy and political management, creating public value, negotiation, crisis management, financial stewardship and internal capacity, and performance management.

My Tree—Our Forest® Urban and Community Forestry Campaign

With support from the NASF Foundation, NASF launched the My Tree—Our Forest educational campaign in 2015. Through this urban and community forestry campaign, NASF creates content and educational materials to improve public awareness and understanding of urban forestry practitioners and their work to support healthy urban forests throughout the United States.

The creation of the My Tree—Our Forest brand was made possible through collaboration with State Foresters and urban and community forestry coordinators in five pilot states—Alaska, the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Learn more at

Photography Fellowship

Periodically, the NASF Foundation awards a fellowship to a photographer with a passion for the natural environment. The work of these talented photographers focuses on telling the story of forestry and are used by NASF and its partners for educational and promotional purposes.

Past NASF photography fellows are Joel Prince, Josh Birnbaum, Leslie Robertson, and Rena Johnson.

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