2008 Redesign Report Card: Focus + Priority + Outcome (March 2009)

Now in its second edition, the 2008 Redesign Report Card takes a closer look at the Focus+Priority=Outcome approach of Redesign, a process launched two years ago by NASF and the U.S. Forest Service to enhance delivery of State & Private Forestry programs. The report provides a summary of all projects funded in 2008, which in total leveraged nearly $23 million in matching funding from state agencies and partner organizations to augment federal dollars.

Three regionally focused projects are showcased in the Report Card to provide examples of how S&PF projects are targeting the three national themes (Protect forests from harm, Conserve working forest landscapes, and Enhance public benefits from trees and forests):

  • The Great Plains Tree and Forest Invasives Initiative, which is implementing strategies against the westward spread of the emerald ash borer
  • Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Recovery Corridor project, which is addressing forest fragmentation and restoring working lands in the South
  • Forest Infrastructure Tools for Urban Communities, which is piloting the use of green infrastructure to reduce stormwater and sewage overflows in the Northeast
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